A Toughened Glass Balustrade is a one shot job, there is no room for adjustments so it needs to be designed and executed meticulously.

Since the concrete staircase was not really in one radius, this 12mm curve toughened glass balustrade started with a detailed measurement and extensive calculation to ensure the correct radius for the glass.

These measurements were used to create the CAD drawings that the curved glass panels and their fixing pins would be based on.  The location of the fixing pin holes were then market on the staircase. All the curve glasses are supported on the fixing pin. The holes needed to be precisely 90 degrees to prevent any stresses on the curved glass.

Once the fixing pins were in place and double checked further CAD drawings were done before ordering the glass. The top of the glass must be once continuous line so the transition between the fall of the stairs and the level landing areas needed some further testing to find the correct point for that transition to be smooth.

When we came to ordering the glass, the glass company found that their machine could not produce the correct curve in two areas. However, working with them we managed to engineer what was need to produce the desired outcome.  Toughened glass is really expensive and inflexible so there is no room for adjustment.

The stainless steel handrail was then fabricated and welded together on site. Once completed the rail was buffed and polished, the glass was cleaned and the end result was a beautiful staircase and balustrade, and a very happy client.

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