Most people will recognize the beauty or uniqueness of a curved marble staircase and balustrading without understanding what has gone into making it unique.

This project for instance required a brass top rail of the balustrade made from 50 x10 flat bar which is typically very hard to form into the two directional curve necessary to create a smooth downward spiral.  The flat bar tends to act like a spring even after the curve has been formed.

Not only is the brass much more difficult to shape than mild steel, but the surface, which must be highly polished, is also very easy to damage during construction.  In this case there was an additional challenge with the bottom fixing.  The travertine marble staircase had already been installed. That meant we only had one chance to drill the fixing into the marble, one tiny wrong placement and the whole marble stair would need to be replaced.  The staircase took many hours of precision manual work to complete. Not one hole out of place on the marble stairs and a mirror finish on the beautiful curved brass handrail.

Despite the fact that the floor was not 100% level and many of the stairs were different heights, this was all considered and accounted for before fabrication was started. Complete measurements were taken and CAD drawings of the entire staircase were done. This ensured that all of the components of the staircase, which were assembled stair by stair on site, fitted perfectly.

At Super Metal Fabrication we are proud of the work we are able to do to provide our clients with a truly unique finished product.

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